Steps to Graduation

Advancement to Candidacy

Once you satisfy all admission requirements and have completed prerequisite courses, if any, you advance to candidacy status.  This means that you are ready to begin MSA 500 and 600-level course work.
Advancement to Candidacy
To be advanced to candidacy, you must have

  • Achieved classified standing (occurs once prerequisites (if any) are completed).
  • Completed at least 16 quarter units (or four, 4-unit courses) of applicable graduate-level course work (MSA 500 and/or 600-level courses) at CSUSB, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 ("B").
  • Worked with the MSA Coordinator to set up your MSA study plan.

Requirements for Graduation from the MSA Program

MSA graduation requirements are presented in the following diagram.   All course work must be completed within seven (7) years of being accepted into the MSA program.

MSA Grad Requirements
The MSA program includes 48 quarter units of course work allocated as shown in the diagram below.
MSA 48 units
See the MSA Graduate Approved Program Plan worksheet included on the COURSES page for a detailed listing of current MSA required, elective, and culminating course options.

Developing the MSA Graduate Approved Program Plan (Effective Fall Quarter 2013)

The program plan document lists required and elective courses for the MSA program.  The MSA program requires a minimum of 48 quarter units.

  • Students complete five 600-level required courses and six elective courses that may be 500 and/or 600-level courses.
  • Of the six elective courses, at least one must be a 600-level course.
  • MSA students must complete a culminating experience.  Most complete ACCT 997 (MSA Projects) which is a 4-unit course.
    • Alternatively, with the MSA Coordinator’s approval, a student may complete either ACCT 998 (MSA Thesis) or ACCT 999 (MSA Comprehensive Examination.
MSA Graduate Plan