To be admitted to the Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) program, you must first satisfy the University's general graduate program requirements, complete admission procedures by the appropriate application deadline, and be classified as either graduate conditionally classified or graduate classified.  The following diagram depicts CSUSB general Graduate Studies requirements.
Graduate Studies requirements

To Begin MSA Studies

You need to be admitted to the program as either Graduate Conditionally Classified or Graduate Classified.

  • If you are admitted as Graduate Conditionally Classified, this means that you need to complete one or more prerequisite courses before you can begin 500 or 600-level MSA courses.  The MSA Coordinator will work with you to determine appropriate prerequisite courses to complete.
  • If you are admitted as Graduate Classified, you are ready to begin 500 and 600-level MSA courses.  The MSA Coordinator will work with you to develop your MSA Graduate Approved Study Plan.

Other Admission Categories

The Post BA/BS Unclassified and Post BA/BS Classified categories are not applicable to the MSA program.

Admission Based on Unique Circumstances

If you believe you might qualify for admission to the MSA program because of unique circumstances (e.g., you are judged to possess sufficient academic, professional and other potential to merit special consideration), you may petition for admission under special action.  Submit your petition to the MSA Coordinator, Department of Accounting and Finance chairperson, or to the Dean of Graduate Studies.